Windows Disk Management Alternative – Macrorit Partition Expert

by Jane / Tuesday, 29 September 2016 / PUBLISHED in Partition Magic Server

When shall we turn to Windows Disk Management tool alternative? Extend Volume greyed out in disk management, of course. That's one reason, the main reason are disk management has too strict conditions on extending partition when low disk space problem happens to C Drive in Windows Server system, or Windows PC system like Windows 7 and Windows 10.

We listed the main limitations of Windows Disk Management:

  1. First of all, Extend Volume in Disk Management only works in NTFS file system, not FAT32, FAT16
  2. Secondly, Extend Volume option can only be active when continues unallocated space followed the volume you want to extend, which means behind C Drive is not D partition but unallocated space
  3. Thirdly, Move Volume, or partition, or free space, is not possible in Disk management, not Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012
  4. Fourthly, Shrink Volume option is only for reduce partition size and make reduced space unallocated, which can be used only for creating new volume but not for extending any partitions

I think you can list more if you're server users, so when low disk space alert shows, it is possible for disk management to solve this with hours, not to mention you have to delete neighbor partition after data backup. Why so troublesome? Just try disk management alternative: Macrorit Partition Expert, problems are really easy to solve.

As Disk Management tool alternative, Partition Expert has the function of moving volume from one place to another, to be more specific, you can move any free space on any partition to another, without data loss. So it's an easy job for Partition Expert to extend system partition when low disk space alert comes to C Drive.

Below are the steps to extend C Drive in Windows Server 2012, of course, they work the same on Windows 7, and Windows 10. Do worry; let's check what the steps are:

  1. Download, install and Run Partition Expert, (Portable Edition is also available for your USB drives)
  2. Check the interface, disk map is listed, it's: Low disk space in C Drive, much free space in the partition next to it; click on this larger size partition and select Resize/Move Volume from the menu
  3. A new window pops up, in this window, you can manage partition size by dragging the handle directly ; and then click OK, this operation will go to "Pending operation" column
  4. Now click on C Drive, and click Resize/Move Volume, use the handle on the right side to extend system partition
  5. The final step to Click OK and Commit to extend Windows Server 2012 System Partition.

So, that's all of it, how to extend system partition in Windows Server 2012, let's look back these steps again and you can find out that Partition Expert only manage free space in the disk, touched no data, just smoothly redistribute disk free space with fast speed and top data security.

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