Partition Expert Features and Functions

Functions Description Screenshot
Migrate OS wizard Migrate Operating system from one disk to another within clicks
Resize Move Volume Resize a partition or move free space to extend or shrink a partition
Merge Volume Merge two adjacent partition to one large volume, auto merge unallocated space
Change Drive Letter Change the Drive letter of a specific partition to another
Check Volume Check a partition for logical errors and try to fix them
Defragment Defragment a partition when it is slower to response
Delete Volume Delete a volume and mark this area as empty, not erase, not wipe the drive
Surface Test Check the hard drive for physical bad sectors and show them as color red
Copy Volume Copy everything from a partition to unallocated space and create a new volume with new drive letter
Wipe Disk Wipe the entire disk with standard wiping algorithms or general wiping methods
Wipe Volume Wipe the entire partition clean with built-in algorithms, data is unrecoverable
Create Volume Create a new partition to NTFS or FAT32 on unallocated space
Set Active Set a partition as active for Window installation, one disk can have only one activated partition
Convert to Logical Convert a Primary partition to a logical partition without data loss
Convert to FAT32 Convert a NTFS file system to a FAT32 file system without data loss
Convert to GPT Convert from a MBR disk to a GPT disk without data loss (useful when the hard drive capacity is over 2TB)
Format Volume Format a partition and set a new file system (NTFS or FAT32), create a drive letter, drive label for later use
Convert to Primary Convert a logical partition to primary partition, Windows can only be installed on a primary partition